About Thekla B. Salzman

Ms. Salzman joined Salzman Real Estate Advisors in November 2014 with over 30+ years of experience in commercial real estate, primarily focused on financial management and operations.

Most of her career (23+ years) was spent as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer with two related and prominent commercial real estate investment companies who were start-ups when she joined; LNR Property Corporation (CFO of two divisions, Miami and Europe), which she joined in 1993 and Rialto Capital Management (CAO of Rialto and CFO of the Rialto Real Estate Fund Group), which she joined in 2009.

In addition to being part of the original teams to build these companies from the ground-up, including a European Division for LNR based in London from 2002 to 2006, she was also instrumental in helping to organize, raise and administer over $3Bn in private equity funds in total for both companies.

In addition to her many years of experience in financial management as a CFO with responsibility over investor relations, accounting, finance, treasury, tax, legal, human resources and business systems, she has extensive specialized experience in Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities, helping both LNR and Rialto build their platforms to become significant B-piece buyers and highly-rated special servicers.

Prior to joining LNR, she was the CFO for Centrum, a South Florida based commercial real estate development company, who primarily built neighborhood grocery-anchored shopping centers. She joined KPMG just out of college in 1983 and served mostly real estate clients until she joined Centrum in 1986.

She graduated cum laude from Florida State University in 1983 and became a Certified Public Accountant in Florida that same year.


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